Ziva Fey

Ziva Fey is a performer based in Phoenix, Arizona, who found her passion for combat sports through her parents’ involvement in Taekwondo. She is proficient in pro-wrestling and Taekwondo, having a black belt in WTF style Taekwondo. Ziva started doing wrestling clips for FWR in 2017/18 and loved it, diving deeper into the industry ever since! The list of companies she has worked for includes, STJ, HTM, MWO, Fem-Dom Studios, SKW, Tilly McReese, Kimchi, and a few other stores. Ziva is known as a proficient jobber who is wiry and agile in her fighting style, earning the nicknames of “Spider-Monkey” and ‘Flying Lemur’. Possessing a true love of competition, she declares that she is “always ready for her next match!!!!!”

Fighting Style Taekwondo
Height 5’1″
Weight 110 lbs
Home Town Phoenix, AZ
Status Prospect

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