Episode 4

In Episode 4, Joel surprises the band with news of a tour and a sponsor. Crammed in a small RV they drive to Denver, writing a song on the way. But when Bree learns her cousin has taken the band on the road she fires him, stranding the girls without enough money to get home. Luckily Tuesday knows a producer in Denver and shoots a scene with him. They use the money to make their next gig where Monica loses it on the other girls when they mess up the first song. [Available September 20, 2022.]

Episode 3

Episode 3 sees the band audition roadies. They’re all surprised when Veronica Rayne applies. Brittany Starr urges the band to rehearse more if they’re going to continue to open for her and guitarist Layla Labelle rebels. A security incident at the band’s next gig makes it clear they need to hire security.

Episode 2

In the second episode of Tight, Bree is encouraged after the band’s first show is a success. But friction in the band threatens things as Monica doesn’t want to rehearse as hard as the others. Bree introduces the band to her cousin, Joel Kane, and puts him in charge of their first music video shoot. Their second show in Las Vegas features a surprise guest and a sexy gimmick as the band introduces ‘the golden condom’ which allows one fan to come backstage.

Episode 1

In the first episode of Tight, Porn star and former ‘Charlie’s Angel’ Bree Olson assembles an all-girl porn star rock band consisting of Monica Mayhem (Australia) on vocals, Layla Labelle (Montreal) on guitar, Tuesday Cross (Texas) on bass and newcomer Alicia Andrews (New Brunswick) on drums. The girls arrive in Las Vegas where they meet for the first time. The first couple of rehearsals are a disaster as one of the members doesn’t seem as committed as the others. When the band learns their first gig is in just 5 days they get down to work.