Episode 13

In the series finale, a wild fist fight between guitarist Layla Labelle and bassist Tuesday Cross threatens to break up the band before their big record label audition. [Available February 28, 2023.]

Episode 12

The band arrives in Los Angeles for the final show of the tour and learn that a major record label will be attending. Monica and Alicia get down to work while Layla and Tuesday go on an alcohol fuelled crime spree that may be the end of the band.

Episode 11

The band sample all the sins Sin City has to offer. Monica makes Naughty Natalie’s groupie fantasies come true while Layla and Tuesday explore the Vegas Strip with Joel until an off-hand comment offends the French guitarist and sends her night into a spiral. In between, the band records a music video and plays a gig where local comedians open for them. Afterwards Monica tries to patch things up between Layla and drummer Alicia by having them perform a girl-girl scene together.

Episode 10

Back in Las Vegas security becomes an issue when Joel insists on handling the job himself. Later the band plays a club owned by Alice Cooper’s guitarist, Keri Kelly, and puts their #1 groupie, Naughty Natalie, to work testing a new vibrator that vibrates in time to their music.

Episode 9

In Episode 9, after the disastrous tour, the band returns to Las Vegas to regroup and are surprised to find Joel waiting for them. Tensions between Alicia and Layla come to a head and threaten the very future of the band.

Episode 8

In Episode 8, guitarist Layla Labelle freaks out when she learns her partner in crime has been moved to another hotel. Plus when signer Monica Mayhem gets detained at a porn shoot Layla has to step up and take over lead vocals at a disastrous Phoenix gig.

Episode 7

In this episode, the band have some days off in Phoenix but the peace is broken when Monica hears what Layla and Tuesday have been saying about her and confronts them.

Episode 6

In Episode 6, the tour continues in Santa Fe where drummer Alicia Andrews decides to utilize the services of tour sponsor Red Hot Dateline and go on a blind date. But she soon discovers her perfect match may have been with her all along. Continuing to fulfill the gigs Joel booked before he was fired, the girls learn they will be playing a country bar… and opening for karaoke.

Episode 5

In Episode 5, things are looking up for the band as they continue their tour. No longer an opening act, the girls headline several shows in Denver. Fans are starting to follow the band and for the first time the media is taking an interest. But when Monica gives a fan a lap dance on stage, Layla is concerned with the direction things are going. And when the golden condom toss goes wrong the band flees has to flee Denver before an overzealous groupie can catch them.

Episode 4

In Episode 4, Joel surprises the band with news of a tour and a sponsor. Crammed in a small RV they drive to Denver, writing a song on the way. But when Bree learns her cousin has taken the band on the road she fires him, stranding the girls without enough money to get home. Luckily Tuesday knows a producer in Denver and shoots a scene with him. They use the money to make their next gig where Monica loses it on the other girls when they mess up the first song.

Episode 3

Episode 3 sees the band audition roadies. They’re all surprised when Veronica Rayne applies. Brittany Starr urges the band to rehearse more if they’re going to continue to open for her and guitarist Layla Labelle rebels. A security incident at the band’s next gig makes it clear they need to hire security.

Episode 2

In the second episode of Tight, Bree is encouraged after the band’s first show is a success. But friction in the band threatens things as Monica doesn’t want to rehearse as hard as the others. Bree introduces the band to her cousin, Joel Kane, and puts him in charge of their first music video shoot. Their second show in Las Vegas features a surprise guest and a sexy gimmick as the band introduces ‘the golden condom’ which allows one fan to come backstage.

Episode 1

In the first episode of Tight, Porn star and former ‘Charlie’s Angel’ Bree Olson assembles an all-girl porn star rock band consisting of Monica Mayhem (Australia) on vocals, Layla Labelle (Montreal) on guitar, Tuesday Cross (Texas) on bass and newcomer Alicia Andrews (New Brunswick) on drums. The girls arrive in Las Vegas where they meet for the first time. The first couple of rehearsals are a disaster as one of the members doesn’t seem as committed as the others. When the band learns their first gig is in just 5 days they get down to work.