Episode 1

Season 5 kicks off with coach Joel Kane meeting up with coach Leon Hater for a drink to discuss this season’s draft picks. Hater gets the first and second pick due to some shenanigans pulled by Kane in the previous draft.

Holly Mei, distressed over how she was being treated over in the Pink Team, took the first opportunity she could and pleaded with coach Kane to accept her into the Black Team. Being the joker that Kane is; he tried to trade Holly for a bucket of pucks. Hater, impressed with Holly’s record, accepted.

Audrey Monique, dressed in a peculiar gown, shows up at the gym to try and convince coach Kane to get on her the LFC 25 card. Recognizing that Audrey’s mental health is not all there and the eye injury sustained from her last fight, declined to put her on the card.

Maxine Frost calls a meeting to discuss Holly’s trade for a bucket of pucks and how bad it’ll make the league look. In retaliation to the trade behind her back, Lauren Fogle is forcefully traded to the Pink Team in exchange for Holly. A trade coach Kane is very pleased with.

At the training center, Holly gets a warm welcome LFC champion Monica Garcia. Agatha Carter and Tasia Lockran makes an appearance and is introduced to their new coaches and teammates. Jenny Valentine and Shelly DaSilva gets some advise form coach Hater on aggression and dirty tactics and how to avoid getting suspended (again). The fighters show no remorse for their behavior and even less respect for the head coach.

Episode 2

In this episode, we try to show all the hard work that takes place before an event. With just seven weeks before LFC25, DXG Self Defense, the official training facility of the LFC, is a flurry of activity. The teams are working hard, and the in-house trainer, Greg Fredo, is putting the women through grueling workouts, that both challenge and prepare them for the rigors of the cage. Black team head coach, Leon Hater, is as steadfast as always in his commitment to the fighters; his rival and fellow coach, Joel Kane, is up to his usual confounding, yet effective, method of getting things done.

Watch as Joel helps Teri London to choreograph her entrance into the ring, thinking the accomplished dancer actually needs help. When Jolene Hexx requests a scouting report on C.J. Kellerman, her next opponent, Joel is of no help, frustrating the European Champion with nonsense. One positive note for the Pink Team is Joel’s session with newcomer Agatha Carter. Carter impresses Joel with what she brings to the LFC. Later, ‘The Prez’, Maxine Frost, warns Carter, who is known for biting her opponents, that if she uses her teeth inappropriately, she is gone from the league.

We tend to keep a worried eye on the scenes involving Andreea Vladoi and coach Hater. Andreea’s demanding nature gets pushed even further when she and Leon are together. The interaction in this episode is no exception. Andreea has an issue with her turn on the card, the fourth bout, and lets her coach know it.

Making their first appearances on the show are Carter, Kellerman, and Tasia Lockran, who spends some time in an acrobatic workout with Vladoi.

Episode 3

The surge to LFC 25 at Sam’s Town is starting to pick up in this episode. Too much hotel time between fighters creates the potential for a hostile environment. The simple act of waiting for an elevator results in a drama filled moment, when Serina Kyle and Joel Kane cross paths with Danielle St. Pierre. Danielle confronts them about an interview that Kyle, her opponent at LFC 25, recently gave, in which she comes off as cocky and dismissive of St. Pierre. Does Joel calm the situation or does he escalate matters?

The tension was obvious in what seemed like a friendly scene between Tasia Lockran and Teri London, when the newcomer asks London for help in choosing the right lingerie. Teri appeared bothered by a member of the opposing team asking for advice, wanting to keep her knowledge of such things for those on the Pink Team, but she helps out Lockran nonetheless and helps her go through her lingerie haul.

C.J. Kellerman impresses Leon Hater enough to bring her on board the Black Team. It is easy to see why: she is an advanced fighter who easily puts coach Hater through his paces in a fast-moving training session. This is an extremely capable addition to the ranks of the LFC.

It is that time again: for Joel Kane to find his way into a swimming pool. Who will be the offended fighter this time? Watch to see who it is and who assisted her in the deed. Also, tune in as members of the Pink Team discuss the stories behind some of their tattoos, and why some have opted to keep a blank canvas of skin.

Joel ends up in pool again in this episode, and guess who pushes him in? Well it’s Jessie of course.

Episode 4

A.J. Kirsch is handling the official weigh-in on the balcony of the atrium at the host venue, Sam’s Town Hotel & Gambling Hall. He jokes that Maxine Frost [0-0] is absent, because she is trying to get the “no strikes to the face while in stand-up” rule overturned. Actually, ‘The Prez’ is late due to a delayed flight. Will she appear at all on this episode?

With 24 hours to go before the biggest event in LFC history, the fighters queue up for the weigh-in and requisite stare-down with their opponents. It is easy to see, with so little time left before their matches, that these women are already in battle mode, occupying that prefight head space that athletes know all too well.

Shelly DaSilva posits that her foe, Allie Parks, is not the goody-two-shoes people think she is. Lauren Fogle, appearing very fit after knee rehabilitation, talks about the awkwardness of being on a new team. Jessie Santos is all business, commenting that the Pink team is more concerned with taking selfies. Jolene Hexx cannot help talking smack to the newcomer, C.J. Kellerman.

There is no shortage of drama surrounding the main event between Monica Garcia and Roxy Michaels. Monica gets on the scale with the championship belt that she does not want to take off, causing Joel Kane to remark that she will not have it to take with her after the match.

After the formalities, the fighters are more than happy to interact with their fans of all ages. The much beloved, Serina Kyle, spends time with her admirers, as they soak up her good vibes.

Episode 5

This episode leans heavy into the beginning of LFC25. Join the fighters, coaches, and staff as they make final preparations for the event. A few anxious rookies, two of whom go in the first fight, learn about the process from their teammates.

Our announcer, A.J. Kirsch, listens to Joel Kane and his elevator pitch about A.J.’s value to the company. A.J. enjoys Joel’s description of the difficulties Maxine Frost [0-0] had as the weigh-in host at the previous event, LFC24. Propelled by Joel, A.J. barges into Maxine’s dressing room and asks for a raise. Will The Prez’ comply?

Maxine’s pep talk to her former teammates on the Black Team does not have the desired effect of inspiring the women. Maxine refers to them as losers for their recent performances. This rebuke causes a couple of the women to point out the obvious hypocrisy in Maxine’s thinking: Her own fighting record is sub par. Leon Hater follows Maxine and, with 45 minutes to go before the start of LFC 25, tries his best to get his fighters into a good head space. Tasia Lockran, a nervous first timer, appreciates his effort.

Surprisingly, Joel Kane delivers a pep talk that is on point, hardly veering into the unconventional style that Joel usually settles on. However, the Pink Team members are as hard on him as usual. Serina Kyle, usually a supporter of Joel’s, actually complains about her coach.

The Bud Light girls make a brief appearance, as they file into the arena and then the cage. Maxine and The Nevada Lingerie Athletic Commissioner (NLAC), Angelique Gorgeous, round the show out by discussing the heated issue of strikes while in stand up. Does Maxine convince Gorgeous to change the rule?

Episode 6

This episode revolves around the first two fights of LFC25. The opening match features two rookies, Agatha Carter and Tasia Lockran. Carter slithers into the ring, staying extremely low to the ground, but her entrance gets harshly critiqued for resembling a stripper’s routine. It does not help matters that she decided to lick the cage, causing more criticism for a first-timer. Tasia also had issues: rookie nerves. The fight is back and forth for the first half of the round, and then suddenly one combatant is left unconscious; a victim of a rear naked choke. The post fight interview, conducted on a couch, is possibly a little too friendly.

Teri London, going up against Jenny Valentine in the second match, gives the crowd a memorable entrance as usual, while Valentine is no nonsense in her walk-up. The two, wearing similar looking lingerie, started the battle in the center of the cage. Teri came out very aggressive; Jenny, showing off her superior strength, collects Teri in a fireman’s carry. A shot to the ribs leaves Teri in serious pain, but she perseveres and gets back on the offensive. Jenny, not able to help herself, throws a strong, illegal punch that misses. Where will the match go from here? To be continued in the next episode.

Episode 7

This episode starts with what appears to be Teri punching Jenny to the face. She denies it, saying she struck her shoulder. The match ends with what Teri cleverly calls the “Teri London Bridge submission”. With Jenny so handedly losing, she considers quitting the LFC but is reassured by Maxine Frost that she believes in her, while other fighters and coaches offer some constructive criticism.

The second half of the episode starts with talk of how Allie Parks hugged her coach, Joel Kane, during her entrance. One of the few times the girls did anything to him that didn’t involve him getting thrown into a pool or ending up in a monkey suit. Shelly gives a wild entrance and a death stare meant to psych Allie out. Leon Hater has Holly Mei act as his assistant coach, while others question the point of it. Shelly decides to spit in Allie’s face, which causes some comotion after the fight. Both teams have doubts the judges will rule in their favor, which makes it all the more surprising when they call a unanimous decision was made.

Episode 8

The episode starts with talk of Lauren Fogle’s entrance, and it was hampered by her recent injury. Andreea Vladoi on the other hand, walked into the ring on her hands while some thought it was a waste of her energy. Andree is quite pleased that she was introduced as “a former olympic gymnast” which gave her a boost to her confidence. Holly Mei and Jolene Hexx picked up on it, and accuse her of being over-confident. Since Lauren Fogle used to be on the Pink Team, it’s said that it made it harder for Andreea to face a former teammate.

A lot of mean comments were made about Serina Kyle’s outfit and her entrance. While she felt cute and bouncy, others said she was being childish and tom-boyish. Most people were happy to see a rematch, but Joel Kane hates them, cause he figures it was just another chance granted to someone who didn’t deserve it. Leon Hater looking for every opportunity, tells Danielle St. Pierre to go for Serina’s bad knee.

Episode 9

Continuing from the previous episode, Danielle St. Pierre dominates in the second round to the point where Serina Kyle declares “I quit!”. Danielle shows he some mercy and steps back, even though the ref does nothing to stop her.

Jole is proud of himself for shaming Jessie into a different outfit that doesn’t resemble his grandmother’s doilies. I see another trip into a pool in his near future. Jessie Santos is disappointed to be facing Shay Mazzato, solely because of a weight difference of 50 pounds. And others are aware of the weight difference as it becomes a major focus for the episode, as it even becomes and argument for different weight classes due to how one-sided the match becomes. During the match, Jessie decides to twerk on Shay’s head, and no one is impressed by it. Though people are impressed with Shay’s determination, facing a much larger opponent. Joel even feels bad putting her in the fight.

Episode 10

Jessie starts the fight by appearing to want to give Shay props, but betrays her by taking advantage of Shay’s naiveté and throws her to the floor with a cheap takedown. Jessie claims she thought Shay was going to betray her first so she went for it, but no one buys it. Joel and Maxine say such disrespect for your opponent could get the audience to hate you and won’t win any fans. Leon says Shay shouldn’t have fallen for it, since it happens so often at the LFC. Holly calls Jessie a bully. After being picked up and tossed around, Shay says it’s proof the LFC needs proper weight classes. The audience boos Jessie’s behavior, and she replies to them with a lewd gesture.

Jolene gives an intro which she describes as “assier” than normal, Joel and Leon both enjoyed it. But what gets everyone else’s attention is Jolene is now blonde, as they all miss her red hair. C.J.’s gives a much more plain intro, that Joel describes as business-like, as if she was going to the stock exchange, and Jolene describes her lingerie as too “basic”. Jolene starts the match with some trash talk, and Joel has some trouble getting C.J.’s name right. Both girls however, ignored the advise of their coaches. C.J. gets pinned in an arm bar, and taps out. Everyone says she tapped out much too quickly, and learning that C.J.’s elbow popped garners her no sympathy from anyone. Then everyone gets vocal about Joel’s inadequacy as a coach.

Episode 11

Monica was first excited about her fight with Roxy, but wanted to learn more about her. Roxy doesn’t like over-the-top sexy intros with twerking or shoving her ass out, she’s there to win. Joel and Leon complain about Roxy not dressing sexy enough and suggest the higher-ups may have forced her to wear something a little more sexy this time. Monica’s belt immediately dropped off her, being the only kid-friendly wardrobe malfunction the show has had, countered moments later when a man from the audience comes up to grope her and is promptly escorted off the stage by one of the ring girls. It turns out he does this for his website. Everyone was thrown off by the fact that he had been sitting with the Commissioner, and thought they were together. Roxy wasn’t sure Monica would be able to stay in her bra, and decided to test her strengths. But it didn’t go in her favor, and people were very surprised she didn’t tap out before escaping.

Monica started working the crowd, which Maxine and Holly felt was a waste of energy during a fight with 2 more rounds to go. For round 2, Roxy kept her distance which seemed to annoy Monica. Then Roxy struck, throwing Monica to the ground and locking her in place till the bell rung. Joel, Holly and Leon were noticing how tired Monica was at this point. With both fighters being on top for one round a piece, the third round was up in the air. And so was Roxy, when she jumped up and did a move that Jolene felt was right out of Kill Bill, but you’d probably recognize from Black Widow, and scissor kick takedown, which really impressed the crowd, other fighters, coaches, announcers, and judges alike. Which seemed to push her ahead enough to get her the victory, and the championship belt for the pink team.