Episode 1

Coaches Kane & Modest prepare their teams for LFC21 and participate in the first ever LFC draft with very different strategies. Both teams arrive at the remote venue in Nice, CA with tensions already high. The new LFC Prez is revealed.

Episode 2

Preparations continue for LFC21: Naughty ‘n Nice at the Robinson Rancheria. Newly appointed head coach Leon Hater deals with a difficult team member while another conspires against him. A few rooms over Joel Kane gives Allie Parks a strategy that may just work against reigning champion Feather Hadden. Members of both teams hit the town to promote the show and patrons of a small town bar get an eye-full when Lauren Fogle climbs on the bar for a very sexy dance. Holly and Serina compare lingerie while new Prez Maxine Frost tries to curb the growing problem of wardrobe malfunctions.

Episode 3

With only one day to go before LFC21, the fighters look for any advantage they can find. Cat and Serina compare war wounds, Andreea gets in some last minute training, Feather turns to her daughter for motivation and Sheila warns newcomer Roxy not to let Shelly get in her head. When Joel learns of a match-up change he inadvertently pisses off his first ever draft pick Natasha and immediately pays for it. Meanwhile at the weigh-in one fighter’s drunken antics steal the show.

Episode 4

In a bid to undermine Coach Kane and his team, new LFC Prez Maxine Frost announces a coaching shake-up just days before LFC21 in Nice, CA. Not everyone is on board with the plan. At the event itself, Holly ‘The Lotus’ Mei looks to rebound against arrogant newcomer Audrey ‘The Mongoose’ Monique. The fight is influenced in unexpected ways by a wardrobe malfunction.

Episode 5

LFC’s first ever draft picks – Natasha Rodriguez and Danielle St. Pierre – look to make big impressions in their debuts but their opponents Jessie Santos and Serina Kyle have other plans.

Episode 6

Lingerie Fighting Championships 21: Naughty ‘n Nice continues with three matches that feature some of the dirtiest fighters in the sport when Lauren Fogle fights not just Cali Cat but the ref as well, Shelly DaSilva is up to her usual stunts in her fight with Roxy Michaels and Sheila Cardinal doesn’t let her fight with MaiNe Morgan end at the bell.

Episode 7

Jolene Hexx and Andreea Storm wow the audience with an epic fight leading up to the main event between challenger Allie Parks and reigning champion Feather Hadden. Afterwards the fighters unwind at a uniquely LFC-style after party.