Episode 8

Artist Tommy Bell welcomes Andrea Christine to the show as he works on a very sexy new painting..

Episode 7

Artist Tommy Bell is joined by LFC podcast host Michael Larkin and special guest Hollywood from GLOW for his latest masterpiece on this episode of Sketchy AF.

Episode 6

Carissa Dumond guest stars on this episode of Sketchy AF with artist Tommy Bell. [Available December 30, 2023.]

Episode 5

Artist Tommy Bell sketches LFC’s #1 ranked prospect Rylee Jade.

Episode 4

Artist Tommy Bell welcomes a special guest in this episode of Sketchy AF to inspire his unique mermaid painting.

Episode 3

In the latest episode of Sketchy AF, artist Tommy Bell creates a new piece called “Dragon Tamer”.

Episode 2

Artist Tommy Bell paints his latest muse, LFC star Bella Rockafella.

Episode 1

The series premiere of Sketch AF features artist and LFC judge Tommy Bell walking fans through the creation of his unique artwork. Think of The Joy of Painting if Bob Ross had painted beautiful women instead of happy little trees!