Jojo Kiss

Jojo has always enjoyed playing rough and is now ready to prove herself in the ring. As a young adult performer and model, she may not seem that intimidating at first glance, but with her stamina and ability to maneuver quickly and use her strength to her advantage, she’s definitely a challenging opponent. Spending a lot of her life rough-housing and being scrappy is what propelled her to throw it all down, showing just how willing she is to face any challenge head on. Jojo’s assault on the LFC relies on her willingness to learn and use Jui Jitsu as her main style of fighting. LFC fans are good at spotting momentum when it arrives in this league, and Jojo definitely brings that.

Fighting Style Jiu-Jitsu
Height 5’6″
Weight 120 lbs
Home Town Miami, FL
Status Prospect

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