Episode 4

After learning the ropes of the San Diego hip hop scene from Chris Jones, aspiring promoter Chris Strong returns home eager to put his new found knowledge to the test by throwing an epic concert of his own. [Available July 31, 2023.]

Episode 3

Chris Jones posts bail for one of his employees and then picks up Chris Strong at the airport but doesn’t make a very good impression when he takes his Canadian guest to a strip club at 11am. Later Strong breaks the news that he fired the eccentric act Jones had arranged for him.

Episode 2

Chris Jones prepares for another major club party in San Diego while Chris Strong meets a potential big act for his proposed party in Edmonton. Both men deal with family issues and try to find the right balance between life and work.

Episode 1

This LFC-produced reality series follows two club promoters at opposite ends of the spectrum. One is a San Diego promoter – and LFC judge – who works with major hip hop stars and makes stacks of cash. The other is a struggling Canadian promoter who would give anything to have a taste of the same success. Look for cameos by several LFC fighters.