Episode 1

The first episode of the eighth season opens with Monica Garcia driving up in her green Dodge Challenger for the new calendar shoot. Monica is once again the January model, but this time the pictures are a little edgier. There are no bottles of champagne here. The theme here is from the ‘Fast & The Furious’ film franchise. Watch as Monica, a fan of the movies, audaciously takes on some Detroit Muscle to see who is curvier and more appealing.

February beckons, and Jenny Valentine is there to represent the month with her namesake holiday. The ghost town of Nelson, Nevada, is the backdrop here for the shoot. Jenny first poses as a pin-up model next to an abandoned airplane. She then reprises the role of the character in the ‘My Bloody Valentine’ slasher film. Jenny really enjoys her time in front of the camera, giving the photographer all he can ask for.

Episode 2

Looking like a couple of stars out of a western movie, Jessie Santos and Teri London strut onto the screen for the second episode of season eight. These two LFC standouts are sharing the month of March for the LFC calendar. The location for the shoot is LFC photographer Richard Anber’s property which comes replete with horses and a genuine country feel. Viewers get to see outlaw Teri apprehended and tied up by Sheriff Santos who found inspiration from the film True Grit. This is a playful shoot with lots of suggestive poses.

April belongs to Bella Ink [0-0], and her shoot takes place at a baseball field. The theme here is borrowed from the baseball movie A League of Their Own which featured Geena Davis, Lori Petty, Tom Hanks, and Madonna. Bella, who grew up in Chicago as a fan of both the Cubs and the White Sox, talks with insight about the similarities between the former, female baseball league and the current LFC. Having played both baseball and softball, Ink looks very natural in her surroundings. The second part of Bella’s segment takes place indoors and has her taking some sexy LFC promo shots.

Episode 3

Holly Mei is the model for the month of May, choosing to emulate the iconic cover for the movie American Beauty. Watch as Holly, with a little help from Andreea Vladoi, covers herself in rose petals as Mena Suvari did. It does not take very long for the drama to start, though. Jolene Hexx, who covered herself in gold coins for her St. Patrick’s Day-themed shoot the previous year, accuses Holly of copying her. Some fighters note the possible abuse of power by which The Prez’ has inserted herself onto the coveted pages of the calendar. Holly, professional as always, creates eye-catching scenes that go from bed to bathtub.

Maid In Manhattan, a movie that stars Jennifer Lopez (JLO), is the inspiration for the month of June pictorial. A reluctant Andreea Vladoi is convinced to dress as a maid again. Viewers might recall her displeasure at dressing as a made-for LFC 22: Costume Brawl. With prodding from Holly Mei, Andreea loosens up and shows off the many sides of a complex personality, as photographer Richard Anber demonstrates why he is so easy to work with.

Episode 4

Lauren Fogle, walking confidently into her photo shoot with Scott Berry, is the perfect choice to represent the month of July for the upcoming calendar. Her untamed personality is as amazing and unpredictable as a month of never-ending fireworks and steamy summer nights. Watch as Lauren puts her stamp on the classic pin-up look while incorporating the cosplay elements of Super-Girl. ‘The Animal’ has her hair done-up like another classic beauty, Betty Grable, as she teases with her superhero cape and very little else, pushing the boundaries as usual to the ultimate delight of her fans.

Former champion and LFC star, Shay Mazzato, is the model for August. Agatha Carter offers assistance and pieces from her own wardrobe, including props from her movies. With Richard Anber behind the camera, Princess Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin is brought to life. Shay identifies with the character’s sense of adventure and compassionate side. Later in the shoot, Agatha joins the fun and dresses as a harem girl, feeding the princess some grapes. Closing out the episode, Agatha shows just how comfortable she is in front of the camera, when she poses completely naked with a clothed Shay.

Episode 5

The calendar shoot for the month of September kicks off this episode with dueling fighters, Tomiko Tajima and Gypsy Bae, in costume and armed. Tomiko, who lent the use of her home and backyard for the shoot, appears as Kitana from Mortal Combat, while Gypsy locks in the character of Beatrix ‘The Bride’ Kiddo from the Kill Bill movies. Considering the level of caution that is needed because of the real knives and swords they are using, the cold December night in Las Vegas actually makes it a bit uncomfortable for them, but both fighters are professional about the matter and do an outstanding job.

Jolene Hexx [0-0], in honor of a movie she stars in – The Zombie Apocalypse In Apartment 14F – reprises her role of a sex zombie for the month of October. Jolene redefines the boundaries of what is considered sexy and what might be viewed as beautiful. This shoot takes place in Nelson, Nevada, at an abandoned mine that comes complete with ramshackle buildings and old vehicles. Jolene, posing on a pair of buses while wearing a schoolgirl outfit, leaves her indelible mark on the spookiest month of the year.

Episode 6

This episode is centered on the final two months of the year. It is interesting to think if November’s star, Agatha Carter, had been around to feast on Pilgrims during the first Thanksgiving. Okay, not the best image to have. Here, the prop mistress melds the retro television series, Sheena: Queen of the Jungle, a pin-up model, and her cannibal persona. The result is something equally savage and sexy at the same time. There is a cauldron in the middle of the room, adding to the jungle theme and giving Agatha, even more, cannibal cred. Shay Mazzato, helped by Agatha during her own shoot, is there to return the favor and keeps things running efficiently.

For the final calendar installment, Jenn Repp demonstrates her gender-bending skills. ‘The Real Deal’ reprises the role Bruce Willis made famous – John McClane in the Die Hard movies. Holly Mei objects to the gender reversal, but Jenn pulls it off very nicely. Posing with a gun, redolent to the first movie’s poster, Repp looks dangerously seductive and ready to fight the bad guys. For the second segment of her shoot, Jenn gives December a holiday feel, as she pivots to the fact that Die Hard is considered a Christmas movie.

Episode 7

This episode starts off with an intimate look at a Jolene Hexx getting dressed in scale-mail, as she prepares to shoot the front cover of the calendar. Featured on the back cover is none other than her rival and LFC Champion, Andreea Vladoi. Considering that both women want and deserve the prized cover, there is no option but to keep their modeling assignments separate – the Mojave desert, with its mountainous backdrop, is not spacious enough to keep these two content and from fighting.

Jolene is paired with a horse, replicating the Gladiatrix theme. In spite of the cold, Jolene looks like a natural fit on top of her mount, hoisting weapons and giving the cameraman what he wants from her. ‘The Valkyrie’ does take a painful looking tumble; however, she falls to the ground like an experienced rider.

Not to be outdone, Andreea shows that her larger than life persona puts her on equal terms with the rugged landscape. Richard Anber works his magic to keep the difficult champion happy, bringing out the best ‘The Storm’ has to offer.