Episode 1

Tomiko and Bella talk about how they felt about their first fights, and other fighters are excited for them. Everyone is super supportive of each other backstage, even if they have to beat the crap out of each other on the stage. Jenny and Andreea do not like the new announcer and want A.J. back. Jenny is sizing up her new competitor and is a bit worried at her size, but feels she has her and gives Jessica a stare-down. Jessie was a bit worried for Jessica as a newcomer going against someone so strong. Jenny is a bit offended at the notion that she was the one trying to untie Jessica’s lingerie when the video footage clearly showed it was the other way around. Bella, Tomiko, and Monica were all surprised that someone would even attempt to strip their competitor. Jessie says Joel won’t acknowledge that she has the skill to be a good coach, and hints he’ll have a run-in with a pool someday soon. In the end, Jenny is happy to get her first win.

Holly is glad Maxine was deposed and says it was a long time coming. Jolene also expected it as everyone seemed to have a beef with her. Others were a bit surprised as they had a high opinion of her. Almost everyone is optimistic about Holly replacing her, except Monica who isn’t sure she’s ready. Holly says she intends to be fairer than Maxine, and shows off our 100,000 Youtube subscribers’ silver play button. Thanks to all of you, we have 40 million views. The girls are quite proud of it.

Jenn is a bit worried about Teri’s injury that even the announcers could notice as she wasn’t as athletic during her intro as usual. Holly feels she shouldn’t have even fought, but Teri loves fighting so much that she decided to grin and bear it. Teri says she was attacked in a parking lot, and suspects who went Tonya Harding on her leg. Jenn felt great on her way to the cage. But the fight got called off as it was obvious Teri shouldn’t be out there. Jessie was relieved for Teri, and Holly was worried she would have ended up worse for wear. Bella didn’t think it was fair for Jenn to get the win by default, but Teri says she’ll be back. In the closing moments, Jenn denies involvement in the attack.

Episode 2

Continuing from the previous episode where Teri was disqualified due to an injury, Teri is still upset over Jenn’s gloating and still suspects Jenn was involved in the attack. To add insult to injury, Teri got carried out of the ring like a baby by a ring boy, when she would have preferred something like an egyptian queen. The girls found having ring boys a welcome change of pace, but the announcers, the audience, and even Bella Ink disagreed, and will thankfully never be seen again. Going back to the fight, Jenn hopes to actually earn her next victory.

Tomiko was happy for the response her intro got from the audience. She was a bit embarrassed at her lingerie, but more so for Shelly saying it looked like she was asking for a wardrobe malfunction with something so flimsy, and felt confident she could take Shelly down. Tomiko loved being introduced by the announcer though. Once the fight began, Tomiko picked Shelly up like a sack of potatoes but didn’t get to take advantage of it. For round 2, both Tomiko and the announcers felt Shelly was fighting dirty. For round 3, Tomiko felt she did a lot better. Holly was surprised at how well Tomiko held her own. Bella felt Tomiko was amazing. As Tomiko predicted, Shelly was having trouble keeping her outfit on, and Tomiko felt maybe it was deliberate to get the favor of the judges, as it happens quite often. Tomiko and Jessie Santos were confident Tomiko would win, but to their dismay, Shelly won and was a real poor sport about it too. Holly and Andreea were not impressed. Then a fight broke out in the ring, and Leon tossed Tomiko aside which earned him a suspension. And Shelly got one for her repeated unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Episode 3

Jolene remembers how despite multiple reminders, she forgot her championship belt and had to run back to get it. And then talks about how she loved how the last event was at a bar, which was very convenient for them after the fight. Bella Ink was initially intimidated by Jolene. Jolene thought she was a ring girl, till she was told we had ring boys this time. Jenn is glad Bella is on her team. Bella may have enjoyed being searched a bit too much, and was not impressed with Jolene’s lingerie. Jolene however was quite impressed with Bella’s, especially the wardrobe malfunctions. Both fighters were trying to intimidate each other during the intense stare-down. Bella started the fight with a flying kick to the mid-section, which surprised Jolene, Andreea and Holly. Jolene was also impressed with her boobs. Taking the first round as a warning, Jolene didn’t underestimate Bella for the second round, and then proceeded to grant the wishes of many in the audience and sat on her face. Bella was stuck and decided to tap out. And then a fight broke out between Jolene and Andreea.

Holly explains that she picked Allie for the title fight because she didn’t want to give it to a newbie. She wanted to give it to someone who rose up through the ranks. She wanted a legendary fight. Monica was excited to fight Allie even though they are friends. Monica also loved the expressions and attention she got during her intro, which made her night better. She was also impressed with Allie’s outfit and thinks she made it herself. Allie did not get a positive welcome. Monica could not be intimidated by Allie and tried to stop herself from laughing because she knows Allie is so nice and sweet. Monica loves the idea of ring boys, and the girls getting some eye-candy. Allie was quite quick on her feet which helped negate Monica’s size advantage. Allie went full Black Widow on her, doing the whole flying scissor kick around her head. The audience was almost as stunned as Monica was. Tomiko remarked on how glad she was that Allie was on her team, which meant she didn’t have to face her any time soon. Monica was surprised that Allie was declared the winner and thought it was a mistake or a prank, and felt the chains she got for winning would have looked better on herself cause the chains were so big that it looked like they were wearing Allie, as opposed to Allie wearing the chains.

Episode 4

Big changes for LFC27: Sexy, Nerdy, Inked & Curvy. Maxine Frost was released from her position as President, replaced by Holly Mei. Joel Kane and Leon Hater were both absent. (Kane’s whereabouts are unknown, Hater suspended for throwing Tomiko and assaulting Santos in LFC26: Booty Camp). Allie Parks filling in for Kane. Andreea Vladoi filling in for Hater. And we have a new LFC Films logo.

Tomiko liked going to the Tattoo parlor that was sponsoring the event. Jenny doesn’t like tattoos though, she says she has scars to tell her story. Bella likes the tattoo theme as she has enough that the event is practically about her now. Jolene feels the same about herself. Andreea is happy that A.J. is back, and agrees with Holly suspending Hater. Monica is iffy about fighting in a ring as opposed to a cage though. Lauren has known Jesebella for years, so she was looking forward to their match. Holly and Jolene felt Lauren got lucky by getting a brand new, inexperienced competitor. Tomiko was disappointed that we abandoned the ring boys, but she was the only one. Everyone was else was happy to have the girls back. It’s been a year since Lauren fought last, so she had to come out strong and finished it with a chokehold and stuck it to Vladoi.

Holly explains that she chose the venue because she wanted a brighter venue after the dark and gloomy Nerd Bar. Bella didn’t know how to take that she was going to fight Jenevieve Hexxx, who recently changed her name to one a little too close to Jolene Hexx. Bella certainly didn’t like that Jenevieve came out with a snake, as like many others she has a phobia of them. She chose a two-piece outfit this time, one she hoped wouldn’t come off as easily as last time. The staredown between Hexxx and Ink was less intense as Ink’s last one, owing to a more similar stature in height. In LFC27, Bella had a back sprain, so she was hoping to do better this time. Ink completely forgot about the rules and started yanking her hair, and finishing it with a spank. Mei was not impressed. Andreea says we probably have a spank per event. Bella continued on strong, pinning her from the back, forcing her to tap out. Giving Bella her first win.

Episode 5

Tajima says the pressure is on due to Bella winning before her, having trained at the same time as her. Jenny was not impressed with Tajima’s entrance, comparing her intimidation attempt of beating up a stuffed snake to comedic pro wrestling intros. Tajima was bored by Jenny’s theatrical entrance and just wanted it to end.
Jenny had to suck it up and fight sick, also apparently sick of Tajima trying to undo her outfits as this time she picked one that couldn’t be undone. Jenny held a grudge against Tajima for attacking her eyes twice, so she kicked Tajima in the crotch which earned her a suspension. For round 2, Jenny was able to assert her dominance and counter everything Tajima threw at her. Even Tajima had to admit Jenny won. She was disappointed it went to a judge’s decision instead of getting Tomiko to tap out.

Episode 6

Neither Jolene or Monica really knew what to expect when fighting each other. Monica was quite impressed with Jolene’s outfit, but the opposite was not true. But they were both excited to fight outdoors, though Monica was concerned that security would suffer as a result. Monica’s weight advantage let her steamroll Jolene. Monica didn’t expect to have such a huge upper-hand over her though. Even with Monica on top, Jolene managed to get hold her head in a scissor a little too long. What really ticked people off was Jolene childishly kicking Andreea after the round had ended. Holly jumped in to stop her, but Jolene threw the acting president to the ground. Jolene got slapped down hard with a disqualification and a suspension that only she disagreed with.

Episode 7

The episode starts off with A.J. Kirsch introducing the main event fighters: Katie Forbes and Sheila Cardinal at LFC27: Sexy, Nerdy, Inked & Curvy. The fighters were surprised that this wasn’t a championship fight, a first at any event in almost 2 years. The fight was a closely contested one with Katie almost securing an armbar in the final seconds of round 3. Katie still ended up winning a split decision. The fighters discuss Roxy Micheal’s absence and inability to defend her belt. Some believe she should be stripped of her title if she doesn’t defend at the next. But we’ll just have to wait until the next episode to see.

Episode 8

Watch the fireworks for LFC28: Sindependence Day from the rooftop of the Seamless Adult Ultra Lounge. This last-minute event caused fighters to change their holiday plans for a patriotic night of fighting. Two adult entertainers, who already share some animosity, are scheduled to make their debuts in the first fight: Shay Golden vs. Gypsy Bae. After Shay fails to show, Gypsy is given the option of challenging someone from the audience. Regrettably, Gypsy does just that and is unfairly squared off against the European Champion, and recently suspended, Jolene Hexx. Watch as Jolene pays tribute to the 4th with a skin-baring outfit. A jittery Bae comes out with the right idea, to take the fight to Jolene, but after she is thwarted, Bae is easy pickings for a rear-naked-choke that ends the bout in under a minute. The second fight is a battle between two fashionably dressed fighters: Agatha Carter and Bella Ink. The first round features some stand-up boxing, vicious ground and pound, and some leg work by the long-limbed Carter. A tough to score first-round ends with Carter, living up to her nickname, sinking her teeth into Bella’s flesh. No blood was drawn and this matter is left to be continued.

Episode 9

Round 1 opens with the biting incident in the match between Agatha Carter and Bella Ink. The referee has no choice but to deduct a point from the ‘Cannibal’. Round 2 opens much the same way as the previous one, both fighters looking to take control, but Carter, in the midst of a wardrobe malfunction, manages to lock-in an emphatic scissor-hold to Bella’s neck, earning the first win of her LFC career. The third fight of the night, Tomiko Tajima [0-0] and Sybil Starr [0-0], opens with Tomiko serving a restraining order on Leon Hater for a violent altercation at LFC26: Booty Camp. Coach Hater must adhere to distancing himself at least twenty-feet from ‘The Temptress’. The fight opens with Tomiko giving the newcomer an aggressive welcome. Sybil spends round 2 proving why she belongs in the LFC, working hard to make her case. Round 3 features an airplane spin, courtesy of Tomiko. The action is quick and the scoring is tight. The episode ends with Tomiko taking a split-decision win.

Episode 10

This episode opens with a stellar match-up between the high-energy Lauren Fogle and the well-trained Jessie Santos. Jessie, still bothered by her altercation with Leon Hater at LFC26: Booty Camp, enters the arena with a bodyguard to keep her safe. Yes, from her coach! However, peace was made and now… on to the business of fighting. Lauren, needing to prove herself against top-notch competition, comes out determined to get the win. Jessie, whose repertoire is ever improving, does not make it easy on ‘The Animal’. In the closing seconds of the round one, Lauren’s rear-naked choke causes some consternation for the black team. Was Jessie really that close to being out? Round two opens with Lauren full of confidence; unfortunately, this provided the opening that ‘El Toro’ was waiting for. Once locked in, Jessie’s triangle choke trapped ‘The Animal’ and finished her off. Closing out the night is a fight for the vacant LFC title between Shay Mazzato [0-0] and Monica Garcia [0-0]. There is some genuine enmity here: Monica brutally beat Shay for the vacant title at LFC23: Guilty Pleasures. Shay appears stronger than in their first meeting, but Monica, dressed as a dominatrix, asserts her power game and dominates the first round. With both fighters charging out from their respective corners for round 2, the credits begin to roll. This one will be continued on our next episode.

Episode 11

This Episode opens with round two of the battle for the vacant belt between Shay Mazzato and Monica Garcia. With emotions already running high, it is obvious that things are going to get volatile at the cost of fair play. After Shay elbows Monica to the face, and after Monica kicks Shay through the ropes, security is called to the ring to separate the two competitors. Following a one-point deduction for each fighter, a restart to the round gets the action rolling again. The chaos of the round, and the intense action of it, leaves Monica surprisingly gassed and Mazzato in need of a prolonged respite herself. Both fighters plow through the third, giving and taking equally. The end of the round is so exciting, it leaves the viewer wanting the fight to continue. However, in a unanimous decision, a new champion is added to the history of the LFC: ‘The Fox’ stands proud and deserving of her moment. Congratulations!

Episode 12

We are on Fremont street for LFC29: A Hot Midsummer Night’s Dream, at The Neonopolis. The episode opens with the fighters talking about an earthquake that was felt prior to the event, casting doubt about the fights going off. First up is a match between Lauren Fogle and Gypsy Bae. Each fighter is coming off a loss the night before, but Lauren’s experience will be a deciding factor in this bout. Gypsy, with nothing to lose, comes out fast and tries to take the fight to her opponent, surprising Fogle. Once ‘The Animal’ focuses on the task at hand, which is submitting the rookie, it is over. Inspired by being in a ring instead of a cage, Lauren executes a flawless Boston Crab, closing out the night very early for Bae.

Some unavoidable drama erupts when Holly Mei is called to the ring to discuss the suspension of Jolene Hexx for attacking The Interim Prez. Jolene, always ready for a confrontation escalates the animosity and provokes Holly into challenging her to a fight, leaving the possibility of Holly having to step down to fight the European Champion.

Tom Garland is our ring announcer for the event. The second fight of the night is between Agatha Carter and Bella Ink. Just the night before, Carter, using her teeth to nosh on Ink, submitted her in the second round. However, Ink is a different fighter on Fremont street, coming out very aggressive and neutralizing ‘The Cannibal’. Bella gets creative in round 2 and submits Carter early on with an incredible submission hold.

Episode 13

Watch as two wrestlers, Sybil Starr and LFC first-timer Gemma Giuliana, face off. Sybil, still smarting from a loss to Tomiko Tajima the previous night, is looking for her first LFC win. The fight is slow-paced and open to harsh criticism to say the least. Sybil looked tired from her three-round loss to Tajima, a fighter known for extending opponents to their limit. Gemma, appearing incredibly fit, may have struggled with the magnitude of her debut. Nonetheless, this fight goes to the limit and gives us insight into what is expected from an LFC member.

In the second part of the show, Tomiko, feeling wiped out after her win against Sybil the night before, is scheduled to fight the powerhouse that is Jessie Santos [0-0]. Tomiko, who lives for the battle, willingly accepts the challenge. Santos, who expends energy venting about the judges, struggling with a bra that won’t stay clasped, jawing back and forth with coach Allie Parks [0-0], is caught in a choke-hold that nearly brings the amazon to the edge of defeat at the end of round 2. With a power game that at times makes her look like a bully, Jessie tosses Tajima out of the ring and lifts her over her shoulder effortlessly en route to a decision win.

Episode 14

The season finale opens with much anticipation around the title at LFC 29: A Hot Midsummer Night’s Dream. Andreea Vladoi, having lost out on the European Championship to Jolene Hexx at LFC 24: Eurobash, gets a chance to win the LFC belt against the just — the previous night — crowned, Shay Mazzato. Andreea, a true LFC star with an enviable work ethic, is taking this fight very seriously. ‘The Storm’ is prepared to leave it all out there. There is no doubt that Shay is more than a little banged up from her brutal go-round for the title with Monica Garcia [0-0] at LFC 28: Sindependence Day.

Round one is a back-forth struggle with both women keen on leaving with that title around their waist. Andreea showed slightly more power than Shay, knowing it was going to take that kind of effort to leave victorious. Shay, certainly hurting, is trying her best as round two starts, but Andreea, admits that she was making it hard on Shay. With struggles of her own, Andreea is having trouble breathing through her nose — the result of a shot she took from Mazzato in the previous round.

Vladoi’s corner, confident that she is ahead, tells her that the title is hers, and she just needs to finish it up in round three. Shay’s corner is also confident that she is doing well and is ahead on points. Mazzato comes out to fight, but Andreea is there to secure the title for herself. The early back and forth is overshadowed when Andreea locks in on Shay’s ankle. ‘The Fox’ in peril, does all she can just to escape from having to tap out.

Andreea, expecting the worst and not expecting to win, rejoices when her name is called as the new LFC champion. Andreea, feeling that she definitely deserved the win, is empathetic towards Shay and the unfairness of having to defend a the title so soon after winning it.