Episode 1

Monica Garcia and Holly Mei love the hotel room that Mei obtained through her connections for the New Years calendar shoot. Other girls say Monica is a party girl which Maxine Frost says is why she picked her for January. Monica says she is shy in front of the camera but lets loose, and says being an LFC fighter really boosts her confidence.

Piper Rose was excited to do the shoot with Danielle St. Pierre and play with the cat. Danielle thinks there might be some animosity between them since Piper lost a recent fight, but it doesn’t show. Maxine Frost joins in for their Dove commercial shoot in white t-shirts. Danielle reveals what she likes to reveal most is her butt. Multiple girls discuss how they think Jenny Valentine was the obvious choice for February, but Maxine didn’t want to go the obvious route. Silver, the hairless cat started interfering with the shoot but no one complained or made the obvious pun. The girls talk about how Danielle being a model really helped her.

Episode 2

Jolene Hexx gets to be March in the calendar since she’s Irish, but has dyed her hair blonde much to the chagrin of everyone who liked her red hair. She is looking for any excuse to be with Holly Mei, and brings her along on her photoshoot to be her assistant, which mostly involves strategically placing green coins to cover her goodies. However anytime she breaths or moves, they fall off. So they resort to eyelash glue to attach them, which does not turn out well for Jolene in the end when she has to remove them. Then a random dog appears and everyone cuddles with it.

Piper Rose [0-0] wasn’t expecting Maxine Frost to be nice, and sadly she wasn’t. From the start, Maxine was overly critical of her makeup and was still upset over an earlier loss in the ring. Maxine knows she’s been accused of treating her team better than the other, but says she was being nicer to Danielle St. Pierre because they’ve been friends for a long time. Piper is glad to get some help with her large breasts, which she usually just ties down with a bra. Maxine likes to control every situation she’s a part of and is annoyed that Piper’s shoot is going well and of how attractive she looks. But was more than happy to pour water on her for the April Showers theme. Piper is asked who she’s doing the shoot for, and many other personal questions that make her feel awkward. She says she prefers fighting to this. Then a random cat appears and everyone cuddles with it.

Episode 3

Maxine Frost says making Holly Mei the girl for May was the obvious choice. Holly loves to do new things, and loves to model but feels she’s too short for it. Holly is glad that Victor the photographer is active and involved in the shoot. And she’s also glad that Monica Garcia is there with helpful suggestions and compliments which made her feel more confident. Monica says these kinds of shoots give the girls a sense of empowerment. Holly would have preferred a shoot in an outdoor pool but it was too cold for that. Monica takes tons of photos, of herself. Jolene Hexx feels a bit betrayed that Holly stole her implied nude photoshoot idea by being covered with lotus flowers. Holly liked how her pics turned out, says that every girl wants to feel sexy, and sometimes they just want to beat someone up. But this allows her a moment to not be as tough.

Allie Parks doesn’t like modeling, feel like an I Love Lucy version of sexy. Jessie Santos likes any opportunity to dress in outfits she doesn’t usually get to wear. Andreea Vladoi feels like she’d be the worst model ever. Everyone agrees that Maxine Frost does everything she can to piss off Andreea. Maxine explains that they have more girls than months, so she grouped the girls together for June. Jessie’s outfit is very small, both she and Maxine say Andreea’s outfit isn’t very sexy. Andreea talks about how they don’t care what team they’re on, but they can still act friendly around each other and like that they’re getting together outside of the ring. Maxine says the shoot was meant to be playfully picking on Andreea, and stripping Allie without going too far.

Episode 4

Lauren gets July so she makes it about our red white and blue. Teri is there cause she likes to help make her look her best.
Jolene thinks she was a good choice since she’s a wild force of nature. Maxine thinks she’s a good choice since she’s crazy, and 4th of July gets crazy. Holly Says she’s a good all-American girl. Lauren doesn’t really like shooting though, as she doesn’t think she’s good at it yet. Lauren has been with Scott (the photographer) for a long time now, and feels more confident about his direction and giving her opinions. He came up with the idea of throwing the colors of the flag at her with colored, cold milk. Piper says it’s her favorite pic in the calendar cause she looks like a beautiful bad-ass. Teri liked how it looked like exploding fireworks behind her, making her look powerful. You could see how cold the liquid was.

Agatha was happy to have Richard as her photographer. Agatha’s costume was the chainmail underwear of a gladiator from an upcoming movie. She would rather be in a Harley Quinn costume for Halloween though but is glad she got to do the gladiatrix theme in August. Both Maxine and Garcia say they’re also glad she got to do it, especially since nothing really happens in August. Agatha loves modeling, and it’s a great way to earn money. She also looks at the location, as the desert looks very other-worldly and they got very lucky with the warm weather. People started driving up without an invitation. Danielle says most LFC fighters see themselves as modern-day gladiators, so they can relate to her. Teri likes that her pictures tell a story. Agatha doesn’t mind being nude in public so long as she doesn’t get caught. A few truckers may have seen too much as there was some honking.

Episode 5

Jenn thinks she recognizes the photographer from the reality show, The Boy NeXXt Door. He was an aspiring pizza delivery boy who wants to direct porn. Jenn wants to be the dominant teacher you always wish you had. Danny’s girlfriend, also named Jenn, was really helpful and handled Jenn’s makeup. Maxine says she plans to have Jenn fight for us real soon. Jenn has been training hard and really wants to live up to everyone’s expectations. She was really excited to learn of our calendar and happy to take part. Jenn (the assistant) makes a crack about how tall Jenn is, asking what it’s like to see the top of the fridge. Jenn didn’t think it was normal for the couple to be so intimate during a shoot though. Jenn enjoys the fighting aspect of the LFC more than the modelling. Other girls find it a bit weird that Jenn is being a part of the calendar before she’s even been a part of the LFC, especially when other girls didn’t get to take part in the calendar, especially Andreea who has to share her month with 2 other fighters. Jenn says she actually trained to be a teacher for a while but gave it up.

Serina got October, and picked a snowboarding theme since she’s been doing it since she was 17 and it’s really personal to her. Serina was glad that the photographer was really hands-on, telling her how to pose, because as a girl she wants to look amazing. Jolene and Monica felt a Halloween theme would be more appropriate for October, but Maxine felt since they’re always dressing up in costumes it was a bit overdone. Serina loves the outdoors so much that she moved to British Columbia to be outdoor more. Maxine doesn’t even like the idea of living in the same province as her, but has to live with it as she can’t control the province as she once did the LFC. Teri has also started snowboarding so she loves the idea of Serina doing it too. Piper loves the pictures, especially the sideboob. She is not alone.

Episode 6

Piper wasn’t surprised Maxine gave herself a month in the calendar due to her narcissism, Jolene, Holly, and Teri feel the same way, but Lauren feels that as the boss, Maxine is free to do whatever she wants. Monica also defends Maxine saying that she works hard so she deserves a month. Maxine still holds a grudge after LFC24: Eurobash and threatens Piper. Jokes are made at the photographer’s expense, who has a random cat on his back. Maxine loved the cat though, despite getting scratched up. Maxine was glad women were present to stop the photographer from making her look too slutty, or too snotty. Teri feels the pictures ended up looking disappointing as Maxine could have looked hotter. Ironically Maxine picked November to make herself look colder, and had sugar put on her eyebrows to make them look frosted. Serina was surprised that Maxine was almost naked in the pics. Danielle thought those pics were quite brave and was surprised as Maxine is normally quite conservative. In the end, Maxine liked her pics.

Lauren Fogle was happy to be working with Teri despite fighting her in the ring. Outside of the ring, they’re friends. Jolene was a bit upset Lauren got to be in 2 months when other girls didn’t get to be in any. Maxine explains it was the cause of some last-minute cancellations that shifted her plans around. Lauren goofed around and played with Teri’s balls. Lauren breaks the sad news that her cat had cancer and lost a leg, but seems to be getting around just fine. With Lauren as a sexy elf (not a sexy Vulcan), she used Christmas lights to tie up Teri as Mrs. Claus. Jolene was predicting the outrage crowd would jump all over this. Teri found it ironic that an elf was the one ordering Santa around. Maxine says she thinks the calendar is a good way to give something extra to the fans who have been bugging her for one for a long time. Teri felt a bit ignored by the photographer who kept focussing on Lauren, giving her more tips and showing her more pics. Though Jolene felt bad that Teri was being dominated in her month. Teri was worried she had no sex appeal. Serina disagreed with that assessment.